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The future of solar power and its importance

Since the inception of thermal power plants and solar panels the researchers have been very positive about its future. Both the economists and scientists have said that this is the key behind industrial growth. Researchers have always been on the lookout for a cheaper solution that can keep the environment protected. Solar power has come […]

Importance of Solar Thermal Systems

As the different non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels, groundwater, metal ores, and earth minerals continue to get depleted at an alarming rate, the significance of renewable energy sources is rising with every passing day. Geothermal heat, waves, tides, rain, wind, and sunlight are the staple renewable energy sources. Renewable sources of energy are largely […]

Viability of Solar Power

  If the ‘International Energy Agency’ based in Paris is to be believed, solar power will be the chief source of energy fuelling more than 90% of the world’s electricity requirements. On one hand, as demand for tapping solar energy to generate electricity keeps on rising with every passing day with rising unit costs of […]

History and Inception of Solar Energy

Spiraling costs of mining, extracting and harnessing non-renewable energy sources are compelling individuals and institutions to explore the viability of using renewable sources of energy as an alternative. Though many individuals feel that the US started to look for alternative sources to generate electricity for powering homes and cities as well as for catering to […]