Importance of Solar Thermal Systems


As the different non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels, groundwater, metal ores, and earth minerals continue to get depleted at an alarming rate, the significance of renewable energy sources is rising with every passing day. Geothermal heat, waves, tides, rain, wind, and sunlight are the staple renewable energy sources. Renewable sources of energy are largely harnessed for generating electricity, heating or cooling fluids, and for promoting locomotion. It is estimated that 19% of the global energy demand is being met by energy generated via the aforementioned natural elements. The renewable sources of energy are more evenly distributed throughout the planet in stark contrast to non-renewable energy sources concentrated in a few specific countries.

Distinct benefits accruing from the use of renewable sources are encouraging governments all over the world to exploit the same. For instance, solar thermal energy is being increasingly tapped for producing electricity that in turn is being used for heating water, heating up rooms and buildings and also for cooling (air-conditioning) or refrigeration. The advantages of using solar thermal systems are numerous and varied. Firstly, since the conversion process (from thermal energy to electrical energy) is completely natural, the environment doesn’t get polluted. Compared to the non-renewable sources, exploitation of the renewable sources does not lead to the release of greenhouse gases or hazardous chemicals.

Solvents or chemicals that are used for manufacturing the photovoltaic cells may cause a certain degree of pollution but that does not lead to a significant detrimental impact on the ecosystems. Then again, maintaining and running the different thermal solar systems in the long run turn out to be more economical than sustaining the systems and equipment used for making use of non-renewable resources. Thermal solar systems are extremely versatile as the same can be taken advantage of to power a watch or to produce sufficient electricity for lighting up an entire city.



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